There is an entire host of choices to browse while picking the best floor for a restroom which range from wood flooring, to rug to tiles. In any case, at Flooring by Ed White, we accept it’s a simple decision and that is Impervia luxury unbending board waterproof flooring. Underneath we investigate the motivations behind why the Impervia range is the ideal flooring for a restroom or wet room.

What is Impervia flooring?

Impervia luxury flooring resembles genuine wood flooring with a wide longboard, finished surface, and normal look. Not at all like numerous different floorings available, Impervia flooring needn’t bother with any cement or underlay on account of its inventive 1.5mm thick IXPE waterproof support.

100 percent waterproof and non-slip

Right off the bat, and apparently, the main explanation, is that Impervia flooring is 100 percent waterproof which makes it the best flooring answer for washrooms. On top of this, our waterproof flooring “has exhibited a low slip potential under wet test conditions” and that implies it’s a totally protected flooring to have in your washroom.


With our woodlands truly diminishing and valuable assets being utilized for a rising business sector in wood flooring, Impervia® Flooring is the economical choice to decrease your effect on the climate, while making an item that is solid enough for even the most noteworthy traffic regions.

While we don’t suggest fitting Impervia® Flooring outside that is by and large the thing we did!

Following an extended period of probably the most changed weather conditions we’ve insight in the UK with taking off temperatures and, surprisingly, half a month of snow, we at long last pulled our test sheets inside cleaned them off, and investigated. The new board and the test board were practically undefined. on account of their UV layer and the genuine waterproof characteristics of Impervia®, the sheets stayed unaltered in both shading and state. The tried sheets had held not simply their construction – permitting them to fit flawlessly together – yet, in addition, their appearance with no blurring to the shading or example.

Wide scope of decisions

Impervia flooring goes from regular oak, seethed oak, Scandinavian oak, marble, and stone. This assorted reach furnishes you with a wide assortment of a decision to observe the ideal wet room flooring for your washroom. In the event that you actually can’t find your ideal flooring, then, at that point, fortunately, we can cooperate to make a uniquely crafted flooring that is appropriate for you. Due to the clever stylistic layout layer solidly in the center of the flooring, we can make a film to your careful prerequisites.

It’s guaranteed

We have done our most extreme to guarantee that Impervia Flooring is utilizing the most recent innovation yet additionally surpasses a scope of guidelines for appropriateness. We immovably accept that composite flooring is the most ideal decision for your undertaking. Truth be told, we’re confirmed by the Green Guard and FloorScore® by SCS. You can figure out additional about that here.

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