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Best Choice for Flooring in Keller, TX

Best Choice for Flooring in Keller, TX

Flooring by Ed White is the leading flooring contractor in Keller, Texas. We are considered by many to be their number one choice when it comes to quality flooring options. They turn to us for all of their flooring and carpet installation needs. We have managed to earn their trust because they know that they can rely on us for all of their flooring needs without having to worry about anything. 

Our understanding of the proper way to highlight the interiors of a home through flooring and carpeting allows us to make suggestions and contributions to further highlight the details. We know what works best with the paint color on your walls, the styles of your light fixtures, the chandelier placed on the ceiling, and even the styles of your windows. As our customers, you need not worry about a single detail when it comes to your flooring as we take the worry off of your minds!

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We at Flooring by Ed White

We at Flooring by Ed White enjoy the reputation of being the best flooring store and installation company not just in Keller, Texas but surrounding areas as well. Even residents of other nearby cities know that they can count on us whenever they have flooring and carpeting requirements. Through experience as well as our reputation, they learned of our expert abilities and high level of quality services. They just know that they would be satisfied when they turn to us for assistance.

Keller’s Residential Flooring Experts

Not every homeowner will have an easy time selecting the best floor style and material for their home. Not everyone can be expected to be some sort of expert when choosing and matching flooring styles to the overall look of a home or property. Given that fact, ordinary homeowners are expectedly going to have a difficult time in making the right selection, often spending long hours that they could be spending elsewhere. After all, just one look at all of the various materials and styles available, and it’s bound to cause headaches to those who are clueless about how to make the right choices.

So who do you turn to if you’re a homeowner in Keller who’s having issues with your flooring and carpeting choices? Why, to the city’s best flooring experts and professionals, of course. In Keller, that happens to be us at Flooring by Ed White. We’ll help you select the right carpeting and the best flooring that would compliment the rest of your home. 

Flooring by Ed White

Being residential flooring experts, we understand every aspect of the process, from selecting to installation to everything else in between. Always remember that we are ready and available to help you with all of your flooring needs. Our team is made up of real experts who will guide you and provide you with the information that you need to make the right choices. Eventually, you’ll be surprised and delighted at the decisions that you’ll make – you’ll see that they’re the right solutions while still staying within your budget.

Keller’s Commercial Flooring Specialists

Business owners have enough to worry about that making decisions about flooring and carpeting seem too much to add to their worries. That’s because making the right decisions about flooring and carpeting is by no means easy and any business owner who would think that would be making a mistake. And they can’t underestimate its volume either, as it can certainly do a lot in terms of adding to the aesthetic value of any place of business.

As a sensible and practical business owner, who would you turn to for help? Who is equipped with the right knowledge, experience, and skills to provide the proper guidance and the right solutions? Only real flooring experts will be able to provide all of that, for sure. And when it comes to flooring and carpeting experts in Keller and nearby areas, then no other flooring contractor is ahead of us at Flooring by Ed White. 


What They’re Saying

Flooring by Ed White is a locally owned business that beats the big box stores on price and service. They do what they tell you will do, and on time. The job was thorough and high quality.


Just had some wood floors put in to a guest/play room and they look great! My family's business has used Flooring by Ed White for years for both commercial and residential. Rob and Cindy will take care of you!


They were amazing, very friendly, knowledgeable, and my flooring looks great! I honestly can't say enough how happy I was dealing with Ed White. I will be suggesting them to anyone who wants new flooring.


Commercial Flooring

Since we are Keller’s commercial flooring specialists, we can provide your business with expert guidance. We can advise you on what carpet to get or what style of flooring suits one particular space of your building and what fits another one. Would the space require laminate, vinyl, or would wood flooring be better suited to it? Those are seemingly easy questions to answer, but could actually cause a lot of headaches for business owners who are not knowledgeable enough about flooring. That’s where we come in to provide our professional opinion on what could contribute to your business while still staying within your budget for flooring and carpeting.

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