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Tile Flooring Professionals in Keller, Texas

Flooring by Ed White offers one of the most popular and versatile flooring options available today – tile flooring. This particular flooring material is preferred by so many homes and businesses because there are simply too many styles and variants to choose from. And if there’s one thing that our customers want, it’s the variety of flooring options to make their choices from. They want the freedom that comes with that variety as they make their final choice on what to get installed in their homes or buildings.

So if you happen to have a need for quality flooring material, all you have to do is to call on us at Flooring by Ed White to get what you need and more. You might need flooring for your indoor spaces and we can take care of that for you. But even if you require services for outdoor flooring installation and services, we can easily handle that for you as well. So call us now so our staff can book your free in-person consultation, where we would be able to showcase to you our excellent line-up of products and services. From there, we can provide you with a cost estimate for your project – whether it’s residential or commercial – that will end in a satisfying result for you!

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At Flooring by Ed White, we have a mobile showroom that is filled with numerous flooring options from which our customers can make their selections. The options include the most popular and well-regarded brands in the industry. If you have a specific flooring brand that you prefer and trust, rest assured that we have it in our line-up. Call us now so we can schedule a free appointment for you in our mobile showroom!

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Our mobile showroom is stocked with hundreds of flooring products from the names you know and trust the most. Call us today to schedule a free appointment with our mobile showroom at 817-583-1522